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Our first European roadtrip to Belgium & The Netherlands. We traveled with our two dogs and explored as much as we could be foot and FREE!

About three weeks ago we decided on a trip to Belgium & The Netherlands. It is close enough that we could drive with the dogs and would check a couple things off our European Bucket List. Plus everyone in Belgium and The Netherlands speaks English so it was really nice to finally be able to […]

Fiesta Themed Party- Decoration and food ideas for a mexican themed party

This past week was my sisters graduation party. And in true Buchtien fashion, a party was in order! I think our family (and by family I mean the momma and sisters) enjoys prepping for the party just as much, if not more, than the actual party itself. Em decided on a Fiesta themed party and […]

Today marks one year of living as an expat in Germany. On October 12, 2018, Cody and I stepped off a plane into the cool crisp air in Munich, Germany. As time is with all things, it feels like it was forever ago but also hard to believe it has already been one year of […]

Our first month in Germany

We’ve officially been in Germany two and a half months. In some ways it feels like we have been here way longer than that. And in other ways it feels like we’ve barely been here two weeks! Although we are officially moved in (and almost completely set up!) in our new apartment, I thought it […]

Weekend trip to Prague during Christmas Markets.

When I first told Allison that we were moving to Germany, she told me she already had a weekend in Prague planned to visit the Christmas Markets. Once Cody and I made it here and got *mostly* settled in, I booked my ticket for my first weekend trip abroad! This post may contain affiliate links. […]

Since I started this blogging thing, I have spent a good amount of time on my computer. Usually I post up on the couch for a few hours. But my couch cushions were beginning to sink in so I thought it was high time to get my office more “work friendly.” I’ve had a desk […]