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I think we just had our last big trip while living abroad. The numbers for the virus are going back up which means stricter mandates and more border restrictions. Northern Italy was the perfect way to end our European travels- Cody, me, Milo, and Scout… one big happy family road tripping through Europe. Forever grateful. […]

Hey there! It’s been a minute since I posted. I have been so busy maintaining my teacher blog that I don’t really find time for this guy here. But seeing as we had a SNOW DAY on Friday, I was determined to make the day full of things I WANTED to do instead of things […]

Cody and I spent the day in Austin. Or, the afternoon I should say. I love Austin. We love Austin. But every time I go to Austin I am always thankful that I don’t live there. I spent a year in Austin and I really enjoyed it. But, after a year, I was ready for […]

Easy, cheap, but healthy recipe!

I am a super budget conscious person. So each month I allot so much money for groceries and once I spend it, I spend it. Since I have started this budgeting practice 7 months ago, I have had to practice my creative cooking skills for a good part of the end of every month. Well, […]

Cody and I make pretty good travel companions. We realized early on that we’d much rather spend our time eating good food while reading a book than visiting a museum. The Northern France food was delicious, so delicious that it gets a whole post all about it! This post may contain affiliate links. That just […]

Two years ago I was sitting in bed in Park City, Utah. Cody took me on my first ever ski trip and boy was that a trip I won’t ever forget. He probably won’t either. Unfortunately, the main thing I remember was how terrible I was at skiing and the ridiculous fight we got in […]

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