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Cody and I spent the day in Austin. Or, the afternoon I should say. I love Austin. We love Austin. But every time I go to Austin I am always thankful that I don’t live there. I spent a year in Austin and I really enjoyed it. But, after a year, I was ready for […]

In the fall of 2018 we moved from Texas to Germany. This is a list of some of the things I am loving about life in Germany

We’ve been in Germany nine months now and it’s safe to say that I am in love with our life here. This post may contain affiliate links. That just means that if you purchase something using a link I share, I get a percentage from that purchase at no additional cost to you! This helps […]

Trip to Regensburg Germany

All summer I have been patiently awaiting our trip to Germany. I knew with our move to Deutschland came an Orientation Trip for us to get a lay of the land and make sure we like the place. Quick update…we LOVE the place! We flew out around 11:00 AM on Sunday(Texas time) and landed Monday […]

Baby Shower decoration ideas

My mom won’t ever admit it to you. But she loves to throw a party. She is also really good at it. Momma pays so much attention to detail and she knows how to make someone feel loved on their special day. So when my cousin (although I don’t think she is really my cousin…Kelly, […]

Our family Christmas trip to Breckenridge Colorado

This year our family opted for no Christmas presents in exchange for a White Christmas in Breckenridge, Colorado. We have been asking for a winter trip for probably a good five or six years now and we FINALLY got it! So we packed our bags and flew out Christmas morning. We met Cody in Denver […]

Hill Country Wedding at Sisterdale Dancehall in Texas Hill Country

Yup! We sure did! It only took 3 years of dating, a few months of being broken up, lots of fights, and even more laughs to finally make it happen. Our wedding weekend was truly amazing. Initially when we began planning our wedding, we were wanting to do a destination wedding. After some research we […]