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Reflections on being an American expat in Germany.

We often get asked, by both our people back home and the friends we have made here, if we like it. If we are happy? It’s a complicated answer. It’s Too Much The quick answer is yes! I love life here! I love the slow. The calm. The break. For me, someone who is a […]

Today marks one year of living as an expat in Germany. On October 12, 2018, Cody and I stepped off a plane into the cool crisp air in Munich, Germany. As time is with all things, it feels like it was forever ago but also hard to believe it has already been one year of […]

Our first month in Germany

We’ve officially been in Germany two and a half months. In some ways it feels like we have been here way longer than that. And in other ways it feels like we’ve barely been here two weeks! Although we are officially moved in (and almost completely set up!) in our new apartment, I thought it […]

Woman overlooking valley and German buildings. Text overlay: Read Through the Bible in One Year with The Bible Recap

Think with me…how many times have you made a goal to read your Bible from front to back? Next, how many times have you completed that goal? For me, the success rate of that goal was pretty much 0. Until 2019 when I learned how to read the Bible in one year AND actually understand […]

Since I started this blogging thing, I have spent a good amount of time on my computer. Usually I post up on the couch for a few hours. But my couch cushions were beginning to sink in so I thought it was high time to get my office more “work friendly.” I’ve had a desk […]

Easy, cheap, but healthy recipe!

I am a super budget conscious person. So each month I allot so much money for groceries and once I spend it, I spend it. Since I have started this budgeting practice 7 months ago, I have had to practice my creative cooking skills for a good part of the end of every month. Well, […]

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