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We’re Moving! From Texas to Germany

I’ve been sitting on this written blog post for about 8 months. But Cody wouldn’t let me post it. Now, after almost a year of back and forth, I understand his hesitation in us sharing about this awesome adventure before we even had a contract on the table. By now, most people know about our […]

A Recipe for All My Broke People

I am a super budget conscious person. So each month I allot so much money for groceries and once I spend it, I spend it. Since I have started this budgeting practice 7 months ago, I have had to practice my creative cooking skills for a good part of the end of every month. Well, […]

How to Throw a Fiesta Themed Party

This past week was my sisters graduation party. And in true Buchtien fashion, a party was in order! I think our family (and by family I mean the momma and sisters) enjoys prepping for the party just as much, if not more, than the actual party itself. Em decided on a Fiesta themed party and […]

Book Reviews of 2016

About midway through 2016 I set an ambitious goal. I had been listening to a lot of Podcast’s lately that were recommending tons of good books to read. I headed over to Good Reads, made myself an account, and set my goal of reading 30 books by the end of 2016. Well….Wanna know how well that […]

Homemade Laundry Soap

About three or four years I ago I started becoming more conscious with the things I put on and in my body. It first started with my dish soap, then my laundry soap. A couple years later I became really invested in what I put in my body- food and medicine wise. Currently, my newest […]

That Time We Went to Mexico

Well…as you know. We got married! Whoop (As those Aggies would say…..) And you know how the story goes. We lived happily ever after. Hah! The day after the wedding we flew off to Mexico. Actually, that’s not true. We had a really romantic “First Breakfast” date. This was our first meal as husband and […]