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Trip to Regensburg Germany

All summer I have been patiently awaiting our trip to Germany. I knew with our move to Deutschland came an Orientation Trip for us to get a lay of the land and make sure we like the place. Quick update…we LOVE the place! We flew out around 11:00 AM on Sunday(Texas time) and landed Monday […]

A recipe for a homemade, all natural laundry soap.

About three or four years I ago I started becoming more conscious with the things I put on and in my body. It first started with my dish soap, then my laundry soap. A couple years later I became really invested in what I put in my body- food and medicine wise. Currently, my newest […]

Continuing with the “month themes” I’ve shared in previous posts, we’ll call Month Three “Experiencing!” Month One was all about settling in, Month Two– making a house a home, and Month Three- Experiencing Regensburg- our new home. And down below, I share about Month Four- Settled. There was a lot to experience with our first […]

My inspirational words for 2017

Words. That’s the new thing, isn’t it? Words. Everyone now skips the New Years Resolutions in favor of a word that represents what their year will be about. I am proud to say that I have fully bought into this trend. Although, I will say that I remember hearing about this before it was a […]

Spring Garden in Texas

Spring is in full swing down here in Texas. I’d say it arrived about mid February although, in Texas, it’s pretty much one season all year long. But, because it is officially Spring here, it is time I write about my garden. And more importantly, show pictures of my garden because I love how pretty […]

Baby Shower decoration ideas

My mom won’t ever admit it to you. But she loves to throw a party. She is also really good at it. Momma pays so much attention to detail and she knows how to make someone feel loved on their special day. So when my cousin (although I don’t think she is really my cousin…Kelly, […]