Let’s Throw a Baby Shower!

Baby Shower decoration ideas

My mom won’t ever admit it to you. But she loves to throw a party. She is also really good at it. Momma pays so much attention to detail and she knows how to make someone feel loved on their special day. So when my cousin (although I don’t think she is really my cousin…Kelly, help me out?!?) announced that she was pregnant, my mom immediately offered to throw Kelly a baby shower.

Also…It is important to know that the “Kelly” I speak of in this blog is NOT me. I am NOT pregnant. Nor do I want to be pregnant ANYTIME soon!

Okay, now that we are clear!

Well, since Mom offered to host a shower that naturally meant that me and the girls were on “shower duty.” Although, when mom throws a party, she gets stuff done so early that there wasn’t really much for us to do. (I am not complaining.) (I like when mom asks me to “help”.)

Baby Shower Party Fun

Baby Shower decoration ideas

Our guests were greeted with this sign. I made it myself. I am pretty proud of it!

Baby Shower decoration ideas

Simple was the theme at this party. White and blue hydrangeas scattered about the house.

Baby Shower decoration ideas

There were even some in the bathroom. These were my favorite because my mom bought them a few weeks prior and let them dry out. I love the crunchy, dried up look that these flowers have.

Aggie baby shower decoration

Kelly and her hubby are Aggies, so of course there were some Aggie touches here and there.

This is an assortment of Aggie gear that EVERY baby needs…Of course…(I’m eye rolling so hard right now.) (Also, dreading the day my child is forced to wear obnoxious amounts of Aggie gear.) (I ♥ you Cody)

Aggie Baby Shower decoration

Hard to tell in this picture, but it is a diaper cake with some Aggie accents.

Baby Shower decoration ideas

Momma loves a good diaper cake! So here is one that matches the theme of baby Kyin’s nursery.

Baby Shower decoration ideas

The Mom and Grandmas to be needed a way to be recognized so my mom made some corsages. She made them out of baby cloths and pacifiers. I don’t really know how she did it (see: Mom gets everything done early), but…pinterest can tell you!

Baby Shower decoration ideas

This “Welcome Wagon” is full of things every mom needs for her new baby. Of course, Reveille had to make an appearance!

We aren’t a big fan of typical baby shower games but the one we did play was Baby Taboo. Each guest got a clothespin she wore on her clothing. The word “baby” was not allowed to be spoken and if you said it, whoever was the first to call you out on it. The winner (with the most clothespins) then won a prize.

Baby Shower decoration ideas

No baby shower is complete without food. We did a light and easy fare with salad, sandwiches, and dips.

Baby Shower decoration ideas

We got this an idea at a previous baby shower we went to and it is PURE GENIUS! On this cabinet were blank envelopes out with pens that way guests could address their own envelopes so Kelly didn’t have to!

After an afternoon of eating, chatting, and yanking clothespins off of people, it was time for our guests to leave. For party favors we did cookies with a cute note saying “Chips Ahoy! It’s a boy!” and some of those EOS lip balms that every girl loves.

We are super excited to add another baby to the family. This baby will be one of the first in a long time to grace us at our family reunions and I personally can’t wait to hold him and squeeze those little cheeks. And then hand him back to his mom. Cause I aint got time for a baby.

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